Listen to the Minnesota Orchestra at Carnegie

What the headline says. Here’s a link to WQXR’s recording.


The view from my seat

90% of the batsh*t insanity of the audience is probably me, so…you’re welcome. lol

Let me know what you think of the performance! Once I swim through the phlegm of my New York induced cold, I’ll be back to blogging about the trip, so keep an eye out.


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7 responses to “Listen to the Minnesota Orchestra at Carnegie

  1. mickey2travel

    Absolutely! Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  2. jdav0743

    Dissappoining: no link on the WQXR site to the music.

  3. Nick Woods

    I had to search for the link as well — but it is there. hover your mouse on the “audio” box (top left of the Hilary Hahn photo), and the “play” button will appear.

    The performance is shimmering……….

  4. Paul and Linda Schelin

    My wife and I listened live the night of the performance. Thanks to you Emilie for the heads up. We really enjoyed it. But, we didn’t think WQXR did anywhere near as good a job of presenting a live orchestra sound as our own MPR does from Orchestra Hall. Even my wife, who is not an audiophile, noticed the difference. Anyway, it was fun to listen live and to hear the WQXR hosts comments. Can’t wait for your next post about the concert.
    Paul and Linda Schelin

    • Interesting! A few people I talked to thought the broadcast quality was extremely high. After getting a hold of the broadcast, I don’t really have opinions one way or another. I think the orchestra sounds different in each recording – not better or worse, but different. I imagine the different acoustics have something to do with that, too.

      Thanks for your kind words. Working on the second essay now. :) Stay tuned!

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