The End of Michael Henson’s Advent Calendar

Well, it’s Christmas Eve, and you know what that means: Minnesota Orchestra CEO Michael Henson is opening the last door to the obscenely glittery homemade Advent calendar that I made and sent to him!

A poorly filmed homemade video of me showing off the pretty Advent calendar I made for Michael Henson, as well as the cards I mailed to Jon Campbell and Richard Davis.

You can see the full virtual version here, at the Michael Henson’s Advent Calendar Tumblr.

This entire Advent calendar project may strike you as being ridiculous, and I agree, it was pretty ridiculous. However, I submit that it is not as ridiculous as attempting to decimate one of the great orchestras of the world without once giving a single in-depth interview about your intentions.

And no, in case you’re wondering, of course, I never got any acknowledgment of receipt, much less any answers. Not from Michael Henson, not from Jon Campbell, and not from Richard Davis.

Ah, well. I suppose I’ll forgive them. They’re probably busy preparing to answer to the state legislature.

Wishing all my readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. We’ll get this thing fixed. I promise. I know for a fact that very big things are in store for us.


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3 responses to “The End of Michael Henson’s Advent Calendar

  1. Anon

    I didn’t think it was ridiculous given the context. Had management treated the musicians and reporters in a more dignified, honest, and respectful manner, I might have taken issue with it, but they didn’t.

    Having said that, Merry Christmas all, and Happy New Year. Hopefully whatever *big* is coming along, is worth the wait.

    Hang in there musicians! (For those reading, pass it along.)

  2. I didn’t think it was ridiculous either and the video was great. So dear Emily,
    I thought about you last night when we went around the dining room table and said what we were thankful for. I said I was thankful that the younger and older generations came together, and between social technology (which I almost never used prior to the lockout) and the old fashioned skills of massive letter writing, we will have helped save our world class orchestra.
    I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you.
    Merry Christmas and hope that the New Year will bring us back to the music

  3. Terry

    An end-of-year fundraising email message from the Worst Orchestra of 2012 (managerial division) has appeared in my in-box today. You can imagine my delight in receiving it! I pity the poor manager of individual giving. She really did get an earful in reply, I’m afraid. It was her own fault, though. She was silly enough to write: “Imagine, in the new year, a world-class Orchestra playing a substantially different role in the community …”

    Wrong! I have ZERO interest in giving any funds to the orchestral association at this time, especially in support of some half-baked “substantially different role” for the orchestra. Are they insane? Have they really been asleep for the past 2-3 months? There is a huge groundswell of public support building rapidly in favor of the players, but management sticks to their “new business plan” for an organization that isn’t even a business!

    As I wrote in reply, if Michael Henson and Jon Campbell resign, I might reconsider. (Can anyone imagine setting foot in Orchestra Hall ever again, if Henson is still within 1,000 miles of the place?) If the lockout ends to the advantage of the players, I might reconsider. Otherwise, they will get zilch, zero, nada! I wonder if that response was clear enough for them?

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