Amusing search queries that people have used to find this blog

I’ll have some stuff to say later tonight or tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to let y’all know that business is booming here at SOTL with tons of Minnesota Orchestra patrons wanting to know what exactly the f*** happened today.

To provide a little lighthearted reading in the midst of the apocalypse, here’s a list of amusing terms that readers have used to find this site. I’ll feature the best ones every day, so if you want to send a coded anonymous message to management, feel free! Just use a search term that will get you to this site, click on a link, and voila (or should I say, viola?). If it’s amusing enough it will be posted here. Have fun!

  • mn orchestra fiasco
  • minnesota orchestra michael henson compensation
  • if i wanted to manage orchestra hall
  • how much does minnesota orchestra management make
  • fire michael henson
  • minnesota orchestra tax dollars
  • michael henson mn orchestra compensation
  • mn orchestra draconian
  • michael henson financial contributions
  • is minnesota orchestra management lying
  • mn orchestra fiasco 2012
  • where does the mone come from for the minnesota orchestra
  • tracking number for wells fargo on receipt
  • how long has richard davis been on the minnesota orchestra board of directos
  • why u no answer
  • are orchestra sales down because of iphone app
  • michael henson ceo pay watch
  • violin crying
  • minnesota orchestra old contract pdf
  • pastlife intertwined heart ring story of us
  • social media and orchestra event pr failures
  • “michael henson” orchestra contributions republican
  • the best of michael henson
  • henson bournemouth orchestra bad
  • dobby
  • dobby character analysis


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23 responses to “Amusing search queries that people have used to find this blog

  1. This is SO WONDERFUL! I’m laughing out loud in the library at school

  2. I mean, the situation is worse than ever, but we need a good laugh

    my favorite:

    1) fire michael henson (LLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!)

    2) If I wanted to manage orchestra hall

  3. Kate Golden

    Could you please stop using the “f” word so much in your blog posts? It’s really offensive. Thank you.

    • I’ll compromise by asterisking. Thanks for your comment.

      • Kate Golden

        “Update, 1 Oct: Oh, and by the way, f*** you.” Was this meant towards my comment?

        • No, absolutely not meant toward you, at all!!! I’m so sorry you thought that!!! No, I have great respect for and deep gratitude toward those who take the time to comment here. That particular remark was addressed squarely toward Minnesota Orchestra management, and no one else, and it has been there since this morning, when I heard that management had locked out the musicians and canceled concerts through November. It has nothing to do with you, trust me.

          I respect your opinion about profanity; good people can have wildly varying opinions on it, from feeling it’s highly offensive to feeling it’s the only honest way to express oneself while unspeakably angry (and right now I am, unfortunately, unspeakably angry at management). So I will try to balance those two perspectives from here on out by using asterisks, so people can feel free to fill in the blanks as they see fit.

          Of course I won’t censor readers’ comments, though, so if you would like to avoid any f-bombs, it’s probably best to stay out of the comment section. Just a head’s up.

          Best wishes, and thanks for taking the time to give feedback. I really appreciate it.

  4. Pretty sure SOTL was speaking in reference to the management of the minnesota orchestra. She sent in a big letter asking them about 100 questions and never received a reply (which, she wasn’t expecting in the first place). Now that management has ruined everything about the MN orch today, she was just letting off some steam. I don’t think SOTL would ever say something so profane to a guest on her site, she’s quite civil and takes all suggestions and critiques respectfully, knowing well that she may be wrong. She’s a great blogger and moderator in this way

  5. Kate Golden

    Cool. Thank you for clarifying!

  6. @SOTL samezies! That would be an honor and pleasure! after over a month on this blog I feel like I’d have to meet you. I can’t just stop when this fiasco is over.

    Good news, SPCO WILL be performing at St. Olaf college this thursday because of the play and talk (thank god management at least had the sense to do that!). I feel like it would have been BAD news if management refused a play and talk. MN Orch can pull it off because the season doesn’t start for another few weeks (scratch that, december) but SPCO is right in the middle of their season. It would be the worst PR of the whole fiasco if management locked the SPCO out. So anyway, they will be here on thursday and I will be holding up my big “WE <3 MUSICIANS" sign. Maybe I'll even try to talk to a few of them afterwards…you never know!

    Also I will be at the SPCO again this weekend to see the Nielson Concerto. I plan on getting a bunch of printer paper, writing 1 letter on each one, taping them together so I can hide it under my suit coat, and spelling out (again) we heart musicians. I want to sneak it in and conspire with the other people in my row to hold it up as musicians do their final bow before leaving. I really REALLY hope no usher/staff member attacks me, steals my sign or bans me from the SPCO forever. But I'm gonna F***ing protest management by showing musicians, IN THEIR OWN HALL, that their audience cares!

    I also am dying to protest outside Orch Hall with the MN Orch but I just can't get into minneapolis. If only…

    well, lets hope theres some good news coming from St. Paul for the next few days. I'm not sure if MN Orch is a lost cause yet or if musicians are still gonna fight it out. I sure hope they do. But there has been so much talk of people considering jobs elsewhere. I just don't want these people to leave. Not only will great artists and people be gone, but a big part of what makes the Twin Cities special will be gone too.


    I was going to write something political but then decided against it. We don't need that here. Needless to say, management is evil, corrupt, greedy and self serving. I don't understand what the F**K they are thinking. GODDAM! Well, we've all been over this, no need to repeat.

    Let's just hope we get something to hold on to in the coming days.

    • The vibe I’m getting is that the musicians are prepared to sit this one out. For as long as it takes. Unfortunately, the way the cookie crumbled this year, I think they really have no other choice. If Detroit, Louisville, Atlanta, AND Minnesota can use the tactics they used to successfully wrangle a new contract, that will embolden ALL orchestra managements in tough financial times, and there are some important contracts coming up for expiration (NY Phil, for instance, nearly went on strike this year before ratifying a shorter-than-usual contract). I feel like Minnesota ended up – by accident – becoming the last hope for orchestra musicians all around the country taking a stand against this kind of thing. And I think they feel that pressure.

      So I think this thing will go on for a very long time. Some people will no doubt leave, and some of those losses will be absolutely devastating. BUT the whole entire orchestra won’t be able to. There are still a lot of Detroit musicians left in Detroit, and look at the hell they went through, for nearly a year. There’s a lot of time left here until a year passes, and who knows what could happen in that time. Perhaps some investigation will be launched into the books…? Who knows.

      I think they have two options:

      A) Agree to management’s proposals, kill their morale, and start auditioning for other jobs elsewhere, knowing that their giving in will be the final nail in the coffin in emboldening orchestra managements all over the country to seek highly concessionary contracts.


      B) Dig their heels in, still have the satisfaction of fighting, and start auditioning for other jobs elsewhere.

      I’m guessing they might actually lose more musicians if they accept management’s proposals right now than if they subsist on unemployment and the strike fund and supplement with performance and teaching. I’m betting some people will hang on until they know for sure what they’re at, since it’s so hard to uproot families, sell homes, find jobs elsewhere. Not that they couldn’t find jobs elsewhere; I’m convinced the vast majority of them could. But I think they’re so fond of Minnesota, and so proud of their work in this particular ensemble (WHO WOULDN’T BE??), that some/many are going to try to hang in there on in the off-chance management might be pressured by the community or the wider board to submit to, say, binding arbitration.

      But I dunno, just speculation.

      I’m excited for light rail between Minneapolis and St. Paul. When I come into Minneapolis I take an airport shuttle and then take rail to Nicollet Mall. So having another connection to St. Paul – and the SPCO – will be just a huge convenience, and I’m so excited about it! So much harder to screw up a rail connection than a bus connection in two unfamiliar larger cities!

      • Ken

        Yeah, they’ve got to stick this one out. If they give in, all the dominoes will fall. I know that’s a lot of weight to carry on their shoulders, but they can do this. They have our support. As usual, great analysis. Keep it going!

  7. Unrelated, but I’m also very excited about the light rail! I just love public transit, and if I don’t need to drive from St. Paul into minneapolis every time I go to a concert, all the better! It’s not going to be ready until 2014 though… ugh, the construction on university ave is TERRIBLE!

  8. Anon

    You know what I find offensive? Someone asking a person to alter their language…ON THEIR OWN BLOG! If it offends you, don’t read it. Free speech much? Honestly, I can’t even believe the amount of testicular fortitude…or arrogance…it takes to even consider thinking that’s appropriate.

    • I appreciate the thought, Anon, but I know of many good people who are really bothered by profanity (in fact, I used to be one of those people when I was younger!). And that’s okay. It doesn’t really change my message if I write fuck or f***. It’s a small detail in the grand scheme of things, and if it makes people more comfortable and willing to listen to the larger themes I want to talk about, then I’ll listen to that feedback. :) Thanks for your comment.

  9. Iambic Pentameter

    People have a right to use foul language. But what Song of the Lark and Somasty apparently don’t realize it does little to enhance their perceived integrity, maturity, or intelligence. What comes forward in the profane blogs is not the intelligent point you’re trying to make, but rather some twenty-somethings trying to get attention and act grown up. If you want to be taken seriously, you might consider upgrading your language skills. And if you can’t write well enough to express your feelings without using profanity, maybe you should take a class.

    • Song of the Lark

      Thanks for your comment…

    • Song of the Lark

      Also I want to stick up for SOM here. Say what you will about me, that’s fine, I really don’t mind (especially when the criticism comes from anons), But SOM has been the best commenter a girl could hope for: someone with passion, (and yes) intelligence, maturity, and integrity. I’m touched that SOM has decided to stick around for all this. It’s been one of the few silver linings in a very cloudy sky.

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