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Here is a comprehensive list of articles pertaining to Orchestral Apocalypse ‘012. Both pro- and anti-management viewpoints are represented. Please keep in mind that certain statements within these articles are of questionable veracity, so take everything here with a grain of salt. You can read about my personal questions about what’s been said on other pages of my blog.

I’ll update as new information is published or made available. If you have an article you want to have added to the list, the comment section is open to you.


SPCO Musicians Blog

SPCO Musicians Facebook page

Minnesota Orchestra Musicians Blog

Minnesota Orchestra Musicians Facebook page

SPCO Management (they’ve updated this relatively frequently with new documents)

Minnesota Orchestra Management (the only thing they’ve ever updated so far is “Industry News” and their “final offer” contract, so don’t go here expecting much news; also, patrons have had questions about the claims presented within this site)


MPR News Primer: Orchestra contract negotiations, MPR, 18 August

Fearing for ‘our orchestra, as we know it’, by Evelina Chao, Pioneer Press, 25 August

Do the Twin Cities need 2 orchestras?, MPR, 27 August

SPCO musicians take their case to the Fair, MPR, 28 August

MinnPost article, MinnPost, 30 August

Minnesota 2020 Journal: Sour Notes, Minnesota 2020, 31 August

Solutions today to ensure a vibrant SPCO tomorrow, by Dobson West, Pioneer Press, 1 September

Orchestra musicians plan free concert, Star Tribune, 4 September

Minn. Orchestra seeks big cut in musician salaries, MPR, 5 September

MN Orchestra opens up about contract negotiations, MPR, 5 September

SPCO faces deficit of “up to $1 million” for fiscal year, Star Tribune, 5 September

Minn. Orchestra, SPCO go public with calls for major cost cuts, Star Tribune, 6 September

Orchestra contract talks a matter of money vs. artistry, MPR, 6 September

Musicians seek audit of Minnesota Orchestra, Star Tribune, 6 September

MinnPost article, MinnPost, 7 September

SPCO proposes new contract for musicians, MPR, 7 September

SPCO makes new salary offer, MPR, 7 September

SPCO, Minnesota Orchestra in tough contract talks, Pioneer Press, 7 September

When Should A Conductor Speak Up?, Colin Eatock, 10 September

On governance, by Robert Levine, Polyphonic

Twin Cities orchestras make public appeal amid contract negotiations, MPR, 21 September

Labor talks at SPCO apparently fruitless, MPR, 22 September

Orchestra headed toward lockout?, Star Tribune, 24 September

Minn. Orchestra Musicians Say Strike Is Possibility, WCCO, 24 September

Could Twin Cities Orchestras Go Silent?, KARE, 24 September

The latest on SPCO, Minnesota Orchestra labor talks, MPR, 24 September

Minn. Orchestra, SPCO contract negotiations still without agreement. MPR. 24 September

SPCO rejects musicians’ contract counterproposal. MPR. 24 September.

SPCO contract talks stall; management wants 28 players, down from 34, Pioneer Press, 24 September

SPCO musicians make counteroffer; Minnesota Orchestra talks appear stalled, Pioneer Press, 25 September

Minnesota Orchestra’s final offer, Star Tribune, 25 September

As deadlines near, developments in contract struggles at MnOrch and SPCO, MPR, 26 September

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra managers reject union contract offer, Pioneer Press, 26 September

Contract negotiations continue at orchestras; final offer, counter-proposal, MPR, 27 September

Without contract, Minn. Orchestra lockout possible, MPR, 27 September

Minn. Orchestra musicians face lockout if no deal, Star Tribune, 27 September

10,000 lakes, one fish, and no settlements, by Robert Levine, Polyphonic, 28 September

Keep Your Eye on the Details in Minnesota, by Drew McManus, 28 September

Mn Orch musicians reject management proposal as SPCO bosses reject contract extension, MPR, 29 September

Minn. Orchestra Musicians Reject Contract, CBS Minnesota, 29 September

Musicians vote down contract proposal, Star Tribune, 29 September

Musicians veto deal in Mpls. as SPCO rejects contract extension, KARE, 30 September

Minn. Orchestra musicians seek arbitration, MPR, 30 September

Minn. Orchestra, musicians fail to agree; lockout expected, Star Tribune, 30 September

Minnesota Orchestra musicians headed for lockout, WQOW, 30 September

Lockout set to take effect for Minn. Orchestra, MPR, 30 September

SPCO, Minnesota Orchestra: Contract talks stall, Pioneer Press, 30 September

Minnesota Orchestra concerts canceled, no talks scheduled, Star Tribune, 1 October

Minnesota Orchestra locks out musicians, cancels concerts, MPR, 1 October

MN Orchestra cancels fall concerts, musicians rally, MPR, 1 October

SPCO talks to resume in 10 days, but MnOrch at impasse, Pioneer Press, 1 October

Locked-out Minn Orch musicians take cause to streets, MPR, 1 October

Good Question: Why Does The Orchestra Get Paid So Much?, CBS Minnesota, 1 October

Arts reporter explains Minnesota Orchestra lockout impact, My Fox 9, 1 October

Locked-out musicians regret concert cancellations, seek more talks, Workday Minnesota, 2 October

Minnesota Orchestra cancels concerts in the wake of lockout, Los Angeles Times, 2 October

MN Orchestra musicians locked out as SPCO’s ‘talk and play’, MinnPost, 2 October

Ground Zero for the Payless model, Robert Levine, Polyphonic, 2 October

Open Season, Frank Almond, 2 October

Locked out Mn Orch musicians plan season opening concert, MPR, 2 October

Minnesota Orchestra On Day 2 Of Lockout: We Want To Play, CBS Minnesota, 2 October

Labor Standoffs Silence Orchestras in Minnesota and Indiana, Associated Press, 3 October

Minn. Orchestra musicians plan to go solo, Star Tribune, 3 October

Management, board, also want quality, Star Tribune, 3 October

Walkouts and Lockouts in U.S. Symphonies: What Do They Portend?, NonProfit Quarterly, 4 October

Calculated, Callous, Corrosive Tactics from MN Orchestra, MNuet.com, 4 October

Leaders must solve orchestra dispute, Don Heinzman, 4 October

Blogosphere sides with musicians, MPR, 5 October

Former conductor will lead lockout concert, MPR, 5 October

Classical Musicians to the Barricades (Again), Reason.com, 5 October [very hard for me to resist editorializing on this one, but I’ll resist…for now]

In the middle of a musical labor dispute, MPR, 5 October

Orchestra lockout prompts the question: What are experts worth?, MinnPost, 5 October

Labor strife is playing out at orchestras all across the country, Star Tribune, 6 October

Skrowaczewski to lead Minnesota Orchestra musicians in opening night concert, MinnPost, 7 October

Preserving a great art, Minnesota Daily, 8 October

Locked out musicians get gigs elsewhere, MPR, 9 October

During Lockout Season, Orchestra Musicians Grapple With Their Future, NPR, 10 October

A tempest strikes American orchestras, MPR, 1o October

MN Orch musicians to perform, will not honor tickets for cancelled concert, MPR, 10 October

Minn. Orchestra makes a stand, Star Tribune, 11 October

Can’t they just be happy with that lobby?, Star Tribune, 11 October

Board should not be opposed to arbitrator, Star Tribune, 15 October

Minnesota Orchestra to put on concert Thursday, KARE, 16 October

Amid Minnesota Orchestra’s strife, the show still goes on, Pioneer Press, 19 October

Minnesota Orchestra musicians hold their own sold-out opening night, MinnPost, 19 October

Music in midst of contract dispute, Star Tribune, 19 October

Musicians, at least, have got it together, Star Tribune, 22 October

Orchestral musicians fight to maintain ‘artistic excellence’, CNN, 22 October

SPCO Is 2nd Locked-Out Twin Cities Orchestra, Twin Cities Business, 22 October

Why not spend Minnesota Orchestra’s $140M endowment?, MPR, 23 October

Orchestras Face a Season of Lockouts, by Bruce Ridge, Labor Notes, 24 October

Orchestra salary cuts continue unfortunate trend, Manitou Messenger, 25 October

Employers get control by turning to lockouts, Star Tribune, 28 October

Matt Peiken at MNuet is now aggregating links to news stories, so for links to stories published after November 1, click here.

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