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Hundred-ish Questions Send-off!

Hello dear readers!

I just wanted to let you know that today I sent out three packages containing my Hundred-ish Questions for Minnesota Orchestra management. I made a little video last night showing everybody what I put into them…

Sorry I look so tired here. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been blogging a lot lately… :)

Here’s a PDF of the file I sent out. As you can see, it’s basically the same thing as what’s in my blog entry, with a few tiny tweaks.

And here’s a copy of the receipt, with my phone number whited out…

So there’s proof I sent it out! And yes, I did spend $25+ on this likely fruitless endeavor. (I was picking up the 16x16x16 box for someone else, but the $3.29 “retail package sales” was for tape because I’m poor and all I had were old crappy manila envelopes that needed more than my spit to stay stuck for more than ten seconds.) The fact that I so readily spend such a large percentage of my income on this type of quixotic quest is probably one reason I’m not as wealthy as Campbell or Davis.

Unfortunately, my computer keeps telling me I still have files to burn. Whut? This obviously leaves me thinking, um, did those files actually burn? I thought they did, but…if they didn’t burn…and management puts in the CDs and there’s actually nothing on them…well, awk-ward. This wouldn’t be the first time technology has let me down. [Edit 9/20: Thanks to a reader comment, I realized this sounded like I didn’t check the discs before I sent them. I did. See comment section here for a discussion of the particular weird issues I have with my particular weird laptop.] BUT I did put my blog’s address in the PDF, and I’m guessing that Michael Henson at least has (maybe) (possibly?) heard some vague rumblings of this blog’s existence, so… One way or another, management should find a way to get those questions, unless they’re really really stupid. They can’t deny a paper copy didn’t get delivered, anyhow. In a last-ditch effort to entice Campbell and Davis and Henson and their colleagues here, I’ll sticky an awesome colorful greeting at the top of the blog. Ooo, shiny.

The guy at Pak Mail said it should be in Minneapolis by Monday or Tuesday. For what that’s worth.

Anyway! That’s today’s news.

I’m not sure what to expect (absolutely nothing?) but at least we tried.

I’m working on some other stuff, too. It’s interesting what’s all online about various people. If you know where to look. *shrug*


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