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The Musicians’ Letter from Japan

If you missed it, and especially if you’re disheartened, you really need to check this story out… Eriko Matsukawa from Japan is a huge Minnesota Orchestra fan, and she uses their work to battle the difficulties presented by her blindness and the trauma of the 2011 earthquake. She speaks for me when she writes:

So, that is why I am sending what little I could send. I know that this is not much, and regretfully, it does not help much. It is painfully frustrating to me this is all I can do. This amount does not translate my opinion on how much worth you are to me or respect and admiration I have toward you. It is just that, as an English teacher for adult students, translator and interpreter (English/Japanese), I do not make much, and please know that I know you are priceless.

Also, I do not consider this donation; this is a long-awaiting payment that I should have made, always wanted to make and you ought to receive. You are entitled to every penny.

You are asking for our help; it is amazing some fans do not realize that it is not us helping you, but it is you busting your back to help us and save us. You are so nice, so you don’t really say it that way.

The “little amount” she sent was $5000.

Perhaps this letter could be sent to every single member of the board. I would be beyond interested to hear their responses.

Today I give thanks that I live in a world moved so profoundly by music.

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