Announcing A Partnership With Interlude!

I’m busy packing for Carnegie today (PACKING FOR CARNEGIE, GUYS) (PACKING. FOR. CARNEGIE.). But amidst the madness of spare socks and dress-wrapping, I’m excited to announce that I’m writing for classical music website Interlude HK!

I’ll be writing essays, 500 to 600 words or thereabouts, on topics having to do with classical music. If you have any favorite stories you’d like to see covered, let me know!

My first Interlude essay is called “Music by a Medium: The Story of Rosemary Brown.” It’s about a woman composer, yes, but with a twist: Rosemary Brown believed she was channeling the music of the dead.


I will link to new entries on SOTL’s Facebook and Twitter pages as they’re published. For those who only check the blog, I’ll try to remember to post an entry at the end of each month containing links to my Interlude essays.

Be sure to explore the Interlude archives! There are lots of great stories there about the personal lives of great composers and musicians. Also, former Minnesota Orchestra cellist Janet Horvath is a long-time contributor, and she has written some great essays about behind-the-scenes life at Minnesota. Here’s her contributor page.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to vacuum the cat hair off my suitcase…


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8 responses to “Announcing A Partnership With Interlude!

  1. Thomas Gerber

    Congrats! The Lark is ascending …

  2. Well it’s about time someone picked you up.

  3. Karin

    Congrats and have fun in NYC!

  4. Congrats and all good luck with Interlude HK!

  5. Paul and Linda Schelin

    Congratulations Emily. Wish we could be with you at Carnegie. Can’t wait for your blog from there.


    Awesome news about being a contributor to Interlude! Very happy for you.

  7. Sam

    I have an ancestor who was a composer. She wasn’t well known hardly anywhere and didn’t compose too many things and eventually went into teaching in England after having moved there from Germany (the rest of my family went to the US, Australia, and Gibraltar). She was a contemporary of Bach but her father was a well known theologian and overshadowed her quite a bit so it’s a bit difficult finding info on her.
    I’m def going to dig through the archives over there because bits and bops from there might help lead me further on. So many thanks for that!

    And another huge congrats on Interlude!

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