Positive! Energetic! Experience!

Since I have such a broad readership so interested in the Minnesota Orchestra, I felt a moral obligation to pass this information along. I’m sure one of y’all will do great at this job.


Minnesota Orchestra – Calling Center (Minneapolis, MN)

We are excited to provide a unique opportunity for those interested in the Arts and Cultural Community of the Twin Cities to call on behalf of the Minnesota Orchestra. This involves raising funds for the Guaranty Fund and selling concert tickets/subscriptions.

Working at the Call Center will enable you to work for a meaningful and worthwhile cause calling patrons and donors. This position will also push you to the fullest potential in a challenging, fast paced, positive and energetic environment! Callers will work in a positive and energetic environment. Scheduling requirements include 12-24 hours/week for evening and weekend shifts.

Click the link below for details and an application!

Positive! Energetic! Environment! … Exclamation mark!

Meaningful! Worthwhile! … ~Challenging!~ although maybe not for the reasons you’d initially think

So dust off those resumes and get ready for a positive and energetic experience!





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11 responses to “Positive! Energetic! Experience!

  1. shock horror

    Did they spend all their endowment on lawyers fees already?

  2. Mike

    As in they are ‘positive’ that patrons you call will be ‘energetic’ about the ‘environment’ created by this assault on the musicians. That would be ‘challenging’ and if they get hung up on a lot, ‘fast paced’. Kind of all makes sense in that context.

  3. Amy

    That repeated phrase says it all.
    “Work for people who are too depressed to edit this advertisement, because what’s the point, you’re gonna get hung up on. Commission…HA!!”

  4. Karen Mc

    They should offer the gig to the musicians. *extremely tongue in cheek*

  5. John Davenport

    Hmmm. . . the direct MNO link claims that Osmo is still the director. Oversight? Wishful thinking? Manipulation?
    Embarrassing, yes.

    • JKM

      I contacted the Orchestra ticket office. They say, and in fact have removed Osmo Vanska’s name from the website. But in the “program” for 2013-14 he is still listed as conducting “Future classics” in January 2014. Never mind that this whole, progressive project has been torpedoed by the new MOA artistic and business model. The dishonesty of the MOA is becoming no longer laughable.

  6. I would sure like to see the script! —— “Yes, we are selling tickets to concerts” UUHA ” Well, no technically, we don’t have any upcoming concerts” UUHA UUHA “We DO have a world class orchestra, but at the moment, we are trying to starve them into submission so no, technically, they are not performing at the moment.” UUHAAA “There is also an endowment and you can donate to it whether there is music playing or not.”
    ———–“Perhaps you would like to have a chair named after you”

  7. Nancy Newman

    The MOA never ceases to amaze–I am open-mouthed at their audacity, to say nothing of their denial. I am glad I resigned from that unbelievable organization!

    Nancy Newman

  8. Frankly, I think they should have the MOA board members make the phone calls, and hear the anger and frustration from their previous supporters firsthand!

  9. Michael

    I could totally do this. You reckon I could get hired? Here’s my CV if the MOA Call center HR reads this. :)

    1)Super POSITIVE!
    2)Love challenges!
    3)Excellent at fundraising!!!

    And on top of that I have TONS of initiative and EXTRAORDINARILY inexpensive to employ . I reckon you wouldn’t need to pay me at all or go to the trouble of giving me a donor list because I know EXACTLY who to call.




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