Urgent Letter-Writing Action

News came from the Minnesota musicians today that there is a Minnesota Orchestral Association board meeting tomorrow, August 28. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first board meeting post-Orchestrate Excellence Forum, post-Domaingate, and post-formation of Save Our Symphony Minnesota.

The musicians released a list of board members’ email addresses for you. They are here.


Copy/paste the addresses in that link. Email the board with your respectful outrage. Write from your heart. Tell them to accept mediation and George Mitchell’s proposal. Put “Agree to Mediation” in the subject line so even if they delete your emails, they know what you’re saying.

In addition, please copy rep.phyllis.kahn@house.mn and Attorney.General@ag.state.mn.us onto the email, as well as saveoursymphonymn@gmail.com, if you would like SOSMN to use the email in a future “Letter of the Day” feature.

Also, if you have time, head over to the governor’s website to ask him to pressure the board to accept the proposal. http://mn.gov/governor/contact-us/form/

Please share this post widely!

I think you need a bit of hopeful news to sustain you. So here ’tis:

Today the MOA changed its mission statement to…wait for it…include mention of an orchestra. Yeah. And it’s on their website now and everything.



Mission Statement

Our mission is to enrich, inspire and serve our community as a symphony orchestra internationally recognized for its artistic excellence.

Our mission will be implemented by:

  • Enhancing the traditional core of concerts with innovative approaches to programming and format;

  • Providing the finest educational and outreach programs;

  • Representing and promoting the Minnesota Orchestra and the State of Minnesota to audiences across the state, across the country and around the world through tours and electronic media;

  • Maintaining an acoustically superior hall with a welcoming environment;

  • Delivering this within a financially sustainable structure.

What I felt like after getting the call from an SOSMN member that the mission statement had been restored to include the words “symphony orchestra”

Okay, I know it’s not ending the lockout, but…it’s something, right? It’s been two years that they’ve been ignoring very public calls to change the mission statement. (If you’re just joining us, from 2011-now, it was “The Minnesota Orchestral Association inspires, educates and serves our community through internationally recognized performances of exceptional music delivered within a sustainable financial structure.”) This new new mission statement is much better. So you know what? I’ll take it. Thanks, MOA.

Now end the lockout unconditionally and we’ll really be talking.

I’m off to write the board. Catch you later.


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4 responses to “Urgent Letter-Writing Action

  1. Tom Foley

    Done! Each and everyone of them got a curt, pointed–but respectful–note from me.

  2. Mike Rabe

    A few bounced back, but I got all mine too!

  3. John Cornell

    I sent my respectful note to those fascist nincompoops – -OOPS, SORRY!!
    Seriously, I know the “negotiations” are in lock-down lock-out mode, but is there any inkling (Leaked or otherwise) that Sen. Mitchell might get his toe in the door?

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