Save Our SPCO’s Presentation to SPCO Management

While we await news from St. Paul…

Here’s a link to the PDF presentation that Save Our SPCO gave to St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Interim CEO Dobson West and various SPCO board members yesterday. I don’t really have much to say about it besides it’s absolutely fabulous, and I hope that eventually Minnesota management will agree to a similar kind of meeting with Orchestrate Excellence.

This should be a watershed moment in both these conflicts. Are Dobson West and Michael Henson more interested in actual problem-solving…or pouring gas onto the fires of their own ideologies? For too long, too many of us have feared they’re really more interested in the latter. But their responses to these passionate well-educated audience advocacy groups should let us know for certain.

Click to access SOSPCO-Presentation-2013-02-11.pdf


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2 responses to “Save Our SPCO’s Presentation to SPCO Management

  1. Peter Howard

    Can’t get the link.

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