Jan 23rd Hearing, Part 5: SPCO and SOSPCO Testimony

Here are links to testimonies given by Carole Mason Smith of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Mark Thoson and Sarah Nagle of Save Our SPCO.

And so concludes the transcriptions! I hope they were helpful to you in some capacity, regardless what “side” you’re on.

I’ll offer my thoughts…at some point. I’m not sure when. I’d like to let them percolate a bit first. In the meantime, what do you think?


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2 responses to “Jan 23rd Hearing, Part 5: SPCO and SOSPCO Testimony

  1. Sarah

    This is part of the reply I sent to Rep. Atkins when he emailed us all to thank us for participating:

    I had the opportunity during intermission to speak with the teacher from Moorhead. Their testimony broke my heart, and is an awful reminder of how entire communities are being destroyed by corporate greed (you can probably tell where I fit on the political spectrum). Yet this man wanted to tell me that he has had students throughout the years who have gone to Mpls and attended concerts of the Minnesota Orchestra, and he recounted how, their faces glowing, they would say “WE saw the MINNESOTA ORCHESTRA!!”. Were it in my power to bring the music to that ravaged community so that there could be even more solidarity and solace to community and musicians alike.

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