Tickets to the Sibelius Concert…and a SOTL Reception

Do you want to go to the Minnesota Orchestra Sibelius show? Tickets are going on sale at Monday January 14 at noon Central Standard Time in the Year of Our Lord 2013. Details here. Even if you’re not sure if you’ll be able to go, buy them and turn them back in. Because this thing is going to sell out fast. I’ll go out on a limb and say this will be the single most historic concert the Minnesota Orchestra has ever put on. I honestly don’t think that’s hyperbole. So be there.


I’m attempting to throw together some kind of informal reception for my darling readers in downtown Minneapolis before the concert.

If you think you would come, either

  1. comment on this blog entry
  2. email me at songofthelarkblog [at] gmail [dot] com, or
  3. like the SOTL Facebook page and then like this status update about a reception.

I need to know approximately how many I might be planning for. Details TBA. Nothing formal – just a drop in, drop out kind of thing. Maybe with drinks or dessert.

I’m also trying to cook up some kind of popcorn-based fundraising event. So there’s that.


Mr. Michael Henson is, of course, warmly invited to our fabulous Song of the Lark soiree! Even if he does not come, I am planning to print out a picture of him and tape it on a conspicuously empty chair, so that all of us can remember the reason we’ve been brought together.

Thanks, Mr. Henson!


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8 responses to “Tickets to the Sibelius Concert…and a SOTL Reception

  1. Sarah

    Empty chair . . . empty suit . . .

  2. Count me in. I’m up for whatever. It would be nice to not be in a super noisy place so we could actually hear one another.

  3. Terry

    Tickets now on sale (Monday the 14th at Noon) and already nearly 50% sold by 12:30 p.m. — just 30 minutes! This will sell-out quickly.

  4. Margaret Chipman

    We will be forever grateful to Judy Dayton for making it possible for us to have the privilege of hearing our amazing orchestra again. I just can’t thank her enough for her gift to the community for making this performance possible.

  5. Anthony

    I’m a loyal reader and lurker here at SOTL ‘pocalypse. Emily–Thanks for posting about this (with urgency!), or I might’ve missed out. I don’t know anyone, but I may try to drop by tonight before the show.

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