A Brief Word From On High

From Alex Ross, the god of music criticism

A special citation for Quickest Plunge from a Great Height goes to the management and governing board of the Minnesota Orchestra.

My dear dear dear Mr. Ross, on the off-chance you’re keeping an eye on this blog….

*waves vigorously*

I wouldn’t have entertained the idea of even dabbling in music journalism if I hadn’t read The Rest is Noise. You showed me what was possible. Thank you.

Any readers of mine who haven’t yet read it, pick – up – a – copy. It will entertain and inspire you throughout the lockout. Promise.


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10 responses to “A Brief Word From On High

  1. Sarah

    Wouldn’t it be totally awesome if he visited the Twin Cities this weekend??

  2. I did invite Alex Ross to the concert shortly after it was announced. One can dream. Meanwhile, I’m busy red lining a letter Mike sent to me and plan to send it back to him with changes.

  3. It looks like some dreams come true!

  4. sorry, I spoke too soon and did not read the post on my facebook page correctly.

  5. Sarah

    Also read his collection of essays, “Listen to This” for shorter pieces.

  6. I. LOVE. ALEX ROSS. (Sorry, I’m creeping through your archives. You’ve got some awesome stuff :D)

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