SOTL Christmas Calendar Announcement

It’s beginning to sound suspiciously like Christmas out there. I heard Santa Baby at a store the other day. [shudder]

Why was this necessary?


It’s been a…wild year, to say the least. As a thank-you, I’m cooking up a little holiday surprise for everybody involved in the Orchestral Apocalypse. Oh, yes, you heard me right: everybody! We may not be able to agree on anything, but we all have a part to play in the First (Annual?) Song of the Lark Celebratory Advent Calendar!


The details are going to stay under wraps for a while longer, so try to contain your enthusiasm for just a couple more weeks. ;) I can pull the gist of it off myself, but I need your help to make it extra-special.

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

Write me a paragraph about your favorite 2012 Minnesota Orchestra or SPCO memory. Lockout concerts, protesting, meeting cool people, whatever. OR if you’d just like to send your encouragement to those affected by the Apocalypse (musicians or listeners), you can do that, too. Sign your full name, sign a nickname, sign an initial; doesn’t matter to me.

Send that paragraph of love and warmth and hope to songofthelarkchristmasproject[at], exchanging the [at] for an @, obviously.

Remember: follow the example of baby Jesus, and don’t be rude to anyone…or else your paragraph will end up in the trash bin.

If selected, your paragraph will appear on a virtual Advent calendar, to be published on Tumblr. (If you don’t know what a Tumblr is, here’s an example. They’re sort of like online scrapbooks. They are awesome. And they’re the perfect platform to publish virtual Advent calendars.)

The deadline to send your memory or encouragement is Thursday November 29 at noon.

So get writing, folks. And mark your calendar for December first, when the Advent calendar will be going live. More details later. Thanks for the support. xx

Falalalala, la la la la.


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8 responses to “SOTL Christmas Calendar Announcement

  1. Amy Adams

    Ho, ho, ho.
    LOVE this idea, Emily.

  2. Terry Carlson

    Did anyone mention that the two LOMoMO concerts in December are completely sold out? Well, they are! (My current “favorite moment” for unofficial consideration.)

    Just for Amy, an encore:

    “This is not a business. It is not a business because it does not generate profits. The profit is art.” — Peter Gelb, General Manager, The Metropolitan Opera

  3. Hey Emily,

    haven’t listened to it yet (I’m working on a music history research paper! I’m sure you’d be proud lol) but I plan to tonight.

    It’s Dobson F-ing West! talking for a WHOLE HOUR on MNuet!

    I thought you’d like to know. I’ll leave my thoughts later

    • I know, right?? I should write a blog entry about it. I haven’t listened yet; I’m too stressed right now about the whole situation. I know musicians have expressed dissatisfaction at what was said during it. I’d love to hear your thoughts. I need to toughen up and listen to it.

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