I’m just going to leave this here. It speaks for itself. From the Star Tribune

Thursday’s cancellations will have consequences beyond the orchestra.

The Minneapolis Convention Center had projected income of $274,000 from the fall and holiday orchestra seasons, said spokeswoman Kirsten Montag. And the Minnesota Chorale, which had been scheduled for dates with the orchestra in October, November and December, will lose nearly all of its earned income for the fiscal year, said executive director Bob Peskin.

“We’ll have to make up the lost income with further expense cuts and increased donations,” Peskin said.

Orchestra president and CEO Michael Henson said the December dates — which include classical, jazz and presentations in addition to the holiday fare — were projected to make up 19.3 percent of annual ticket revenue. However, the net impact is a wash because the orchestra won’t have to pay rent at the Convention Center or musician salaries and benefits.


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4 responses to “Lame

  1. apart from leaving their musicians without pay or health insurance, this is probably one of the most inexcusable things management has done. It’s a real shame the Minnesota Chorale (and the convention center) (and the guest artists) have to suffer from the lockout as well. I hope the Chorale will be ok.

    Also, there was another recent news story about the the loss of business in local restaurants and empty spots in parking ramps because of the lockout, which also will affect the Twin Cities economy and culture.

  2. james Mason. Principle bassoon,Toledo Orch, retired.

    This situation gets more and more stupid.Mis-management galore

  3. Elizabeth Erickosn

    I believe Michael Henson has some serious mental health issues. I don’t excuse him for any of his disgusting behavior but this is so far beyond just being an asshole. I think he is ill and needs immediate help before he destroys countless people’s lives.

  4. Terry

    “This is not a business. It’s not a business because we don’t generate profits. The profit is art.” — Peter Gelb, General Manager, The Metropolitan Opera (CBS Sunday Morning, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012)

    Michael Henson could learn a thing or three from Mr. Gelb, as could the board of directors.

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