Orch-upy Minneapolis Event 10/18

This is a tad on the late-ish side, but…

Hey, would you like to meet up with some crazy idealistic impractical artistic folks who believe that the Twin Cities community ought to do everything possible to preserve the Minnesota Orchestra? Then you’ll want to come to this Orch-upy Minneapolis event tomorrow. Details here. Here’s the Facebook event description by organizer Sarah Jackson:

*******LOCATION: KING & I THAI, 1346 LaSalle Ave MPLS***

Friends, with the Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra’s exciting announcement of their Gala Concert at 7:30 on Thursday, October 18th, it made perfect sense to CHANGE OUR EVENT TO A HAPPY HOUR, immediately preceding the concert!

So, we’ll meet for happy hour, discussion, and a bit of letter-writing on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18TH @ 5:00 PM!

PS – As I believe the evening’s concert is something to celebrate, I will be dressing up for the evening! Please feel free to join me!

I don’t date, so naturally, I won’t be bringing a date. Therefore, I’d like to extend a warm invitation to Michael Henson to be my companion for the evening! What an amazing, unique, unprecedented chance for him to show his willingness to engage in an open public dialogue with those who disagree with him. Only a strong, bold, confident leader with unshakable faith in his noble plans would be able to go into the lion’s den like that. What an amazing opportunity to publicly humiliate his opposition and prove them wrong in a very very very public place. Hope to see him there! (What? It’s worth a shot.)

I’d also like to invite Mr. Campbell and Mr. Davis. We’re actually not going to be that far away from your workplaces, gentlemen!

This is a lovely little walk, Mr. Davis! You’ll enjoy yourself!


Voila. I promise we won’t bite. I’m sarcastic, often to a fault, but that doesn’t mean I don’t welcome an open, honest debate. I honestly have full faith that if you truly do have the best artistic and financial interests of the Minnesota Orchestra at heart, you will trounce me in an honest debate. And oh how I’d love to be trounced. No snark there.

Anyway. Hope to see some of my readers there, or at the least at the Convention Center. You know what I look like. I’ll be dressed in black and white. Till tomorrow. xx

If you haven’t gotten your tickets for the lockout concert yet, get them now.


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2 responses to “Orch-upy Minneapolis Event 10/18

  1. Hello there,

    I will be arriving in mpls in the nick of time! I’m driving in from Northfield MN with some friends immediately following a rehearsal, so no pre-concert shenanigans for me, BUT I’d LOVE to chat during intermission and at the end.

    I’ll have my big WE <3 MUSICIANS sign… kind of hard to miss

    see you tomorrow! SO EXCITED!!!!!

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