Minnesota Orchestra Lockout Concert Announcement

The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra are now selling tickets for their lockout concert at the Minneapolis Convention Center on October 18 at 7:30pm. The program will consist of the Dvorak cello concerto with Tony Ross soloing (……his last time doing so with the orchestra? wouldn’t surprise me) and Shostakovich’s fifth symphony.

You can buy tickets here. They range in price from $15 to $40.

This promises to be one of the most unique shows in the orchestra’s 110-year history. So you should really come. Because we don’t know when we’ll hear the Minnesota Orchestra again. Or how much of the Minnesota Orchestra will still be the Minnesota Orchestra by the time this is all over.

A visual representation of how I’m feeling right now

Anyway. Yesterday I made reservations at a hotel near the convention center. Would any SOTL readers want to think about getting together briefly before the show? I don’t know where yet, or even if it would be feasible, but it would be interesting to get a head count of who would be interested in such a thing. If you want, I can email you at the address you use to comment here and we can try to arrange something. Otherwise we’ll try to say hi at intermission.

Love to my readers.



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10 responses to “Minnesota Orchestra Lockout Concert Announcement

  1. Ken

    Unique concert, indeed. It’s just unfortunate that it had to come to this. This is not something I ever expected to happen here, to our orchestra. And I don’t blame the musicians one bit. They’ve acted like the professionals that they are, and their requests have been completely reasonable. I wonder if the board or management will have any spies in the audience? Perhaps this sounds rather infantile, but can we set up dart boards with management photos on them at intermission!!??

    Well, I’ll be there at the concert as long as I don’t get sick or something (there are a bunch of sick-o’s infesting my workplace). You could set up your own booth out in the lobby with a sign “SOTL”…you’d get plenty of visitors I’m sure. I’d be able to meet briefly before the show, but only briefly.

  2. Ken

    I was just reading nowt that Osmo will be conducting the Chicago Symphony next week, substituting for Haitink. Good for him. But it sure makes the Minnesota Orchestra as a whole look really bad when the maestro is in Chicago, the players are playing their own concert..and not a peep from Management. What a fiasco.

    By the way, Osmo conducted the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic last weekend in a nice concert. The audio is located here, if anyone wants to check it out:

  3. Sarah

    Emily! First: You are incredible. Second: I’d scheduled the first ORCH-UPY MINNEAPOLIS event for Friday evening, Oct. 19th it’s on Facebook). But what if we changed the date, and instead hosted a big happy hour event at a nearby restaurant (TBD) immediately before the Oct. 18th concert? Would you like to collaborate on organizing this (or simply attend)? Let’s TALK!!!

    • Song of the Lark

      Yes, I’d be totally interested in this!! I’ll contact you in the morning… Not sure how with it I’ll be because I’ll be traveling from Eau Claire, checking into the hotel, etc., but I’d definitely be interested in attending, even if I can’t organize! Would love to meet y’all. We’ll talk tomorrow…

      • Sarah

        Emily, that would be FABULOUS!!! Simply your presence would be TREMENDOUSLY meaningful, as many of us have been following your blog posts about our beloved orchestra with deep gratitude and appreciation! I hope you’ll let me introduce you to the group!

  4. David Schaaf

    Hi Emily. I bought a ticket for the concert. I’d love to talk with you beforehand. I learned about your blog last week when it was mentioned on the MPR website. I appreciate your wit and conviction. Hope I get a chance to meet you.

  5. Count me in. I hope to cancel my last lesson on Thursday to finish up a bit earlier. Look forward to meeting you. You are an incredible writer!

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