ISGOT: The Kubelík Girls

I was reading the Wikipedia entry on Jan Kubelík and came upon this peculiar sentence…

In his personal life, in 1903 he married Countess Marianne Czáky-Szell, with whom he had eight children, five violinist daughters and three sons

Bold mine.

Really? Five violinist daughters?

Additional Googling has yet to uncover any more details.

(By the way, not trying to start a competition here, but I found I prefer Marie Hall’s recording of the Ries Perpetuum Mobile to Kubelik’s. What do you think?)


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5 responses to “ISGOT: The Kubelík Girls

  1. The daughters of Jan Kubelik and Marianne Von Szell (nee Countess Czaky)

    Their first two daughter were twins

    Anna Anita Kubelik 1904
    Mary Maria Kubelik 1904
    Clara Kubelik. Not only she play violin she also painted and sang and Painted 1906
    Johanna Kubelik played violin painted and Sang friends with Marcel Tyber who died at Ashwitz the concentration camp. Born 1908

    Tatiana Kubelik played violin. She married Herman Jordan and she also played Violin. 1909-1987. She died in Los Angeles California. She has a Son Jan Kubelik Jordan. He currently lives in San Ana California he is 70 years old he teaches piano.

    She was also friends of Marcel Tyberg. Also the twins were baptized by the Pope in 1905. They were Catholic.

    The sons were
    Rafael J. Kubelik
    Christian Kubelik
    Jan Kubelik Jr died as a child.

    • Wow, what a treasure trove of info! Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

      • Jan Kubelik three son’s were

        Rafael Jeronym Kubelik [1914-1991] He married Lumila Bertlová She was a very well accomplished Violinist they married in 1942 and they had a son named Martin. He currently lives in Switzerland and he is on facebook. Lumila was killed tragically 1961 Lucerne Switzerland in a Car accident and two years later he married Elsie Jean Morison who is currently still alive Soprano. They had no children.

        Kristian Kubelik 1916 He was also a musician. In different sites had him as dead as a child. That is not true. I found article in a Utah paper where his father gave interview in 1936 and Kristian was in music school and it placed him at the Age 21.

        Jan Baptist Kubelik Jr. 1917-1919 he died as a child. That I can confirm.

        The Kubelik’s were a happy family family.

        I have excellent Genealogy on Enrico Caruso. The Caruso in Museum loves my work.

        What led me to to do Kubelik was Helen Edgerton Buell Anderson the sister in law of Sherwood Anderson. Helen married Karl James Anderson. He was a famous painter. However before Helen married Karl she was accomplish Soprano. Kubelik and Helen performed together at The Brooklyn Academy. Helen met Karl through her brother in law James A. Creelman who was a yellow Journalist for the Hearst paper. James was married to Alice. L. Buell the oldest sister of Helen. She was a professional Art dealer.

        I have very execellent Genealogy on the Anderson family as well. Oh by the way Helen is a direct descendant of William Bradford the 1st Govenor of Plymouth MA. He came over on the infamous Mayflower of 1621. You see that ship was suppose to enter the NY Harbor. However due to weather in Landed in Plymouth MA.

        I do have files if interested E-mail me here:

        • Super interesting, thanks for sharing. Funny because I’m a Mayflower descendant, too, but through the Aldens…

          • My family the Pierce family owned 50 percent of the Mayflower Company. I have very excellent Genealogy on the Aldens. I love doing genealogy. Oh by the way carries a lot of my work.

            A few years Ago I purchased the Barnhill family bible the bible led me to Caruso and Sherwood Anderson. Caruso and Kubelik perform together. However what made me research Kubelik was because of Sherwood Anderson’s sister in Law.

            Oh by the way I have been called a die hard genealogist. I can find the impossible.

            I am friends with David Mayo Spear grandson of Sherwood and Colin Murray Caruso grandson and last week when. I realized O located Tatiana grandson I wrote him a letter. So cross your fingers hope to get a response.

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