ISGOT: Lady Anne Blunt

I’m introducing a new series of blog entries called “I Should Get On That.” These are little snippets of information I’ve heard of here and there that I want to dig into deeper but can’t at the moment, for whatever reason.

So, drumroll please.

Today’s ISGOT… Lady Anne Blunt.

According to Wikipedia, she was a writer, a polygot, a breeder of horses, and a fantastic violinist. I’m curious how fantastic a violinist. She studied under Leopold Jansa, who was Wilma Norman-Neruda’s (Lady Hallé’s) teacher. When did she start? Did she ever think of becoming a professional, or did she just study for her own pleasure? When did she start playing? Did she study abroad, or did Jansa come to her? She was born in 1837, so she was Lady Hallé’s near-exact contemporary, and before Lady Hallé came along, there were not many English women violinists at all. How did she start playing an instrument that was so unusual for her era and gender? I’d love to know, but sadly at the moment there doesn’t seem to be much information about her online… And I’m nowhere near a reputable library, so I’ll have to sit tight on this one. Unless, of course, one of my readers emails me some info…

You may have heard of her fiddle, the impeccable 1721 Lady Blunt Strad. It’s currently for sale. So if anyone has a spare….ten or twenty million, call me.

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